The New Marketing Needs of Advertiser Joe

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Cross-platform solutions are a win-win-win solution for publishers, advertisers and customers alike however, publishers are behind in the uptake despite advertisers wanting more.

With their eyes now open to the plethora of media available and better knowledge of the potential market to be reached, advertisers are turning to other companies who can offer the best digital solution.

Owned and operated inventory is not enough as advertisers often want access to more highly targeted campaigns over different platforms. For Advertiser Joe, integration is important. If Media A can’t offer an exhaustive solution, Media B will (as will the agency next door or the thousands of online services available).

Thus the onus is on our traditional media giants to offer up a complete solution focused on ROI. Luckily traditional media are actually in a position to do so. Unlike agencies or online services, publishers and broadcasters offer a unique brand and enjoy control over inventory more so than their competition. All they need to do is act…

Media must evolve – to not only remain leading publishers or broadcasters but to also become leading marketers with integrated solutions to ensure control and revenue remains in-house. This is especially true for broadcasters who have limited inventory avails.

It’s time to reignite the competition and offer a unique and comprehensive solution to excite Advertiser Joe. Want to know how? Contact us.

Author: inx@admin

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