The Mobile Tsunami

Mobile has been the subject of much interest for all industries since the late 90s but the more recent and exponential growth in the development and take up of android and smart phones is in particular changing the media landscape.

This is our next “digital revolution” and like a tsunami, the tide is out and the waves will soon be crashing.  Are you ready?

As Dan Schulman (Mobile and Online Payment Solutions – American Express) recently put it at the Open Mobile Summit in London in late May – “We can either make history or we can repeat it.” (Sjöberg, 2012)

The facts speak for themselves.  Göteborgs-Posten estimates that the smart phone’s impact on mobile page views has resulted in a growth rate of 1700% over the past two years.   86% of the global population own a mobile device and 33% are internet enabled – a gap which is quickly closing.(Seale, 2012)

So how important is mobile to your organisation? Where does mobile advertising fit? 

Here are our top three tips for how Mobile should be approached:

Bundled Ad Solutions: Bundle traditional Print (or Broadcast) with online, mobile web, mobile apps and tablet executions.
Focus on the intuitive advantages of Mobile:

Geography/ location
Immediacy and ability to generate action (i.e behavioural advantages)
Exponential engagement with Social Media AND mobile payments or ‘m-commerce’

An opportunity to re-engage with younger generations

Here are our top tips for selling Mobile:

Continue to develop a cross-selling sales culture. If you’ve not managed this yet… hurry!
Incentivise and excite your sales staff about your mobile opportunities.
Differentiate between mobile web versus mobile app opportunities.
Sell the idea and the end result, NOT the technology itself.  It has always been far more effective to sell the sizzle – not the sausage.

A quick note on M-Commerce: 

The effect of mobile payments on retail is inevitable (as was the online shopping boom) yet it will also impact heavily on the media and advertising industry – in ways we can’t yet fully comprehend.
M-Commerce transactions are growing at a staggering rate of 61.9% and are due to hit $171.5 Billion in 2012 (Gartner, 2012).

What are you doing to integrate mobile and mobile commerce with your media offering(s)? 

As our audiences become more and more fragmented we must focus on ways to entice them back.

Below are few approaches we’ve seen in the global market of latethat are proving to be a first step in the right direction – and one ‘big idea’ that’s making a huge leap…

Direct purchases from in-print advertisements via scan/ tap mobile device applications. (i.e taking QR codes and Digimarc concepts to the next level)
Pre-order and payment via mobile device applications for items like your morning coffee, lunch, take-home dinner or even the milk and sugar you forgot to pick-up at the grocer.
Utilise mobile device applications to track, organise and redeem special offers, store cards and rewards or loyalty cards from advertisers.
Of major interest will be a results based model out of Europe with two primary customer segments – media companies and big brands.  

A turnkey, innovative advertising solution, this platformoffers: editorial content including search, local advertising, “buy direct” functionality, personal advertising, digital direct marketing, loyalty programs and QR Code, digimarcand/or tap and scan technology – all from a single platform. 

This is THE one stop solution for advertising and monetised content across various devices.  Contact inXcess today for more information. 


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