The Circus – it’s here to stay!

By Jessica Jenkins – Intern, inXcess Pty Ltd (April, 2013)

The circus is in town and it is THE SOCIALMEDIA CIRCUS! Introducing the main acts Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Keek, LinkedIn, YouTube and Tumblr! Social media is becoming a circus – a juggling act that many are struggling with. It is becoming a necessity in this day and age, something that all businesses must learn to do. With the marketing and advertising opportunities this circus brings with it, attendance is crucial.

Social media is becoming more prolific than ever with the increase of excessive online traffic via tablets and phones. It has become a juggling act for many businesses and some are struggling to keep up. We all thought it would stop at MySpace and the ancient Bebo, and then Facebook came along and caused a domino explosion of social media platforms that are very desirable for advertisers and marketers, because where people go, they will follow.

Sharon Williams, chief executive of Taurus Marketing, agrees: “Social media is increasingly directing brand presence whether it’s your own personal brand, company or product brand. It’s becoming a must-have, rather than nice-to-have.”

It is obvious that in the B2C space, Facebook is the Ringmaster and the other social media platforms are attempting to capture its popularity; Instagram, Keek, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Tumblr are clear examples of the social media followers.

Even though it has become a circus, it has also opened doors to businesses and created a whole new era of advertising and marketing. Facebook enables big and small businesses to create home business pages for free in which marketing can be done through posts, photos and sharing by millions of followers. It has recently hit the billion member mark, causing advertisers to pay big money for advertising space through the platform.

In the B2B space arguably Twitter takes up the Ringmaster role with the likes of LinkedIn and YouTube the other acts on the main stage. Twitter enables B2B trade and further interaction through ‘tweets’, re-posts and photos.

Other new acts on the program such as Instagram and Keek open up the curtains to visual content and take early adopters away from the crowd pleasing Facebook clowns. With millions of members already using these platforms, advertisers will soon swarm.

LinkedIn allows professionals to network/self-promote, profile themselves and job search within one platform. LinkedIn has been lurking quietly in the background and succeeding at that, reaching the 200 million member mark this year.

With a variety of free platforms to promote and advertise your brand, business or yourself, this circus will not be leaving town anytime soon. If you’re focused on B2C, Facebook is where it’s at, but don’t get left behind in the picture and video content space. I you’ve got an attractive brand to sell, Instagram and Keek are worth the effort.

And in the B2B space, the focus should be on Twitter and networking with contacts and colleagues via LinkedIn. The problem then is measuring the ROI for the time and money you put into managing these social profiles. For some, the objective will just to be part of the industry conversation and to establish ‘expertise’ For B2C, ROI should be measured in terms of Sales.


Roll up, roll up – the circus is here to stay. What part do you want to play?



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