Strategic Business Consultancy & Sales Training

Strategic Business Consultancy Services

With well over 50 years combined business experience, inXcess are here to help your business grow and deliver the results that your business needs.

With the recent decline in advertising revenues for media companies around the world, inXcess has been working with their clients to evaluate their internal processes in order to implement changes, both structural and cultural which will result in a dramatic increase in advertising revenues and a decrease in resource costs.

inXcess Services

  • Reviewing Workflow and Internal Operations and Practices – driving cost-effective allocations of resource
  • Business and marketing planning and development
  • Learning and development – including Sales Training seminars
  • Entrepreneurship programs
  • Guidance on strategic decisions when acquiring and growing business
  • Managing your staff in a changing environment. Ensuring churn is at a minimum
  • Direction when changing business models and product offering, mix and pricing
  • Conducting Advertiser Customer Satisfaction surveys
  • Sales Training and Performance Analysis
  • Guest/Public Speaking
  • Strategic Advertising Consultancy
  • Customer Relationship Management Consultancy Services
  • Staff Development Programs

With the decline in advertising revenues for media companies around the world, inXcess has been working with their clients to evaluate the processes and workflows in order to implement changes, both structural and cultural which will have a dramatic increase in advertising revenues.

Sales Training

Strategies to increase performance:

The key objectives of any Sales Department should be:

  • To ensure a steady flow of new advertisers.
  • To increase the spend and frequency of each existing advertiser.
  • To ensure each sales person ends the month with more advertisers than they had at the start of the month.
  • To encourage each sales person to start the month with as much of their target ‘sewn up’ as possible.

In order to achieve these objectives a number of activities must be undertaken:

  • Appropriate KPIs need to be set for each sales executive.
  • Members of the management team will need to become accountable for achievement on new budgets and the management of all pipeline reports.
  • The basic principles of the ‘sales organisation’ need to be revisited with all sales staff with a view to changing the internal sales culture at the media company.
  • The basic construction of advertising revenue reports and the management of KPIs need to be revisited with the management team.

Benefits of Sales Strategies and Training are

  • Creation of a new ‘sales system’ based upon new agreed KPIs that will be designed to deliver continuous performance and revenue growth.
  • The restructuring of sales operations to match customer behaviours and address customer needs using the relevant form of salesmanship.
  • Improved reporting systems to more accurately track the sales process, to continually measure successes and to identify areas of weakness pertaining to various resources.
  • Greater efficiencies in internal operations ensuring a more cost-effective allocation of resources.

Solution Selling

Organisations that have well trained sales staff benefit through increased sales, better client relationships and improved market share. The most effective way to improve the performance of your organisation is to increase the performance and productivity of your people. Solution Selling is known to be the most effective selling method in today’s media climate.

  • Understanding your Target Market
  • Understand and developing customer / client relationships (including understanding how to approach prospective clients)
  • How to increase customer loyalty and learning the value of your life time customer
  • Bundling and cross selling products
  • Rewarding and incentivising staff

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