The essence of the inXcess business is delivering solutions that drive results.

inXcess is focused on the implementation of new technologies and programs designed to drive revenue for our media clients. Through training, development and management of our client’s staff we are in a position to give them a point of difference in the marketplace over their competitors.

These programs enable us to ensure we have solid long term working partnerships with our media clients and that increased revenue ensures that they reach their budgets.


ADON News…

Offering a new cost efficient and much needed solution to regional, local and hyper-local advertisers:
Plan, create, publish, and track their own campaigns through subscription based business model

Media owners can extend and strengthen relationships with new and existing clients:
Upsell existing print customers into digital

Media owners can complement existing digital business:
ADONnews operates alongside any existing third party or in-house booking and inventory management systems for traditional digital display advertising… and as a result, create a NEW revenue stream.