Social Media – the new #BFFs of Newspapers


While the stats on digital audience show growth, how much can be attributed to social media?

In a recent article in the Newspaper Association of America, Sean O’Leary somewhat obviously suggests that social media is integral to how we communicate, share and gather information today.

Just look at The Washington Post Twitter account. It drives an average of 275,000 tweets per week and has a follower base of 2.52M, which arguably has a direct correlation with readership.

In terms of how users communicate, a massive 65% of Australian online users use social media sites. Of this user base, 63% share videos or photos they discovered online (Digital Marketing Lab, 2013). It’s apparent then that publishers must discover innovative ways to provide content with ‘social’ in mind. This may require journalists to rethink their traditional process of content creation and get involved in the discussion if they aren’t already.

Shareable content is another success of social media, with BuzzFeed monetising such engagement.

And even better reports for advertising as many marketers view Facebook as an ‘easy sell’. According to Exact Target, 16% of online Australians have made a purchase as a direct result of a marketing message they received through Facebook.

In Australia, social media usage is in no state of decline as more readers access social media on their mobile devices. 2014 is the year of leveraging the continuous connection that the social + mobile opportunity provides.

Reach is only a (mouse) click away – or in many instances, a thumb – to share articles and promotions to a social network, a potential business partner or the entire world.


Author: inx@admin

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