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Did you know? Regional Australia is a market bigger than Sydney and Melbourne metro, combined! And despite what you may think, regional consumers have similar consumption patterns when it comes to major and household purchases.

“While National and Metropolitan titles provide a window on the wider world, Communities connect Metro dwellers into their suburb and Regionals help shape the identity of the area.”

– Simon Baty. 18 Feb, 2014

As Simon Baty states in his recent article ‘Strengths of going local’ for The Newspaper Works, some 7.6 million Australians live in regional areas and they spend just as much in supermarkets and are big spenders on items such as electrical goods.

And the good news for publishers? Newspapers are still very much part of their lives.

According to emma data, 5.7 million Australians in regional areas read a physical newspaper weekly. In fact, about 39% of the national and metro newspaper audience is located outside the five main metropolitan cities, in other urban centres and regional areas. That’s just under half!

On the flip side and obviously not surprisingly, Australia’s regional newspaper audience is almost exclusively concentrated in regional areas – about 95%.

This all points to some rather important takeaways for publishers and advertisers. Namely, if they don’t already, national advertisers need to be extending their buy into regional newspapers.

Regional newspapers provide a different kind of connection with consumers. They are usually an important – and much loved, trusted and protected – member of the community. It’s not surprising then to find that readers are 50% more likely to trust regional newspaper advertising than that of their broadcast equivalents.

“Regional newspapers provide an ideal context for advertisers looking to build their brands.  Readers say they feel more positive about a store or business that advertises in their local paper (54%).   They outscore both local TV (24%) and local radio (26%) in this regard, by a factor of two.”

– Simon Baty. 18 Feb, 2014


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