Online Event Auctions


Online Event Auctions are the most compelling and reliable tool for increasing revenue and new client acquisition. inXcess is the premier provider for the Australia, UK, South Africa and New Zealand markets.

Your media’s brand strength is leveraged to create a trusted online local marketplace. An eCommerce platform promotes a forum for businesses to sell their products, generate advertising credits and create strategic advertising plans.

The overarching model:

1. Advertisers provide goods or services for auction.

2. Once products meet set reserve prices and sell in the auction, the advertiser earns advertising credits equal to the full retail value of the item sold.

3. Your media company keeps the cash from the winning bidder as payment for the advertising credits thus increasing your revenue above existing returns – and it’s all prepaid, eliminating debt.

Online event auctions are an incredibly effective marketing and public relations activity. Your media company also develops databases of local businesses and consumers which you can utilise (and monetise) on an ongoing basis following the close of the auction.

inXcess, has helped a range of global media companies, large and small, in discovering that Online Event Auctions are a persuasive and dependable way to secure new advertisers and generate incremental sales from existing advertisers.

Online Event Auctions also boost in-store traffic for advertising clients and produce great deals for consumers creating that desirable WIN, WIN, WIN scenario.

The West Australian is in its fifth year of Click2Bid. Read more about their Online Auction success in this case study, click here (PDF)