Media Release Wednesday 11th April, 2012

Growing Revenues through Newsprint

inXcess director, Cheryl Newsom, has returned from Prague after presenting at the 22nd World Newspaper Advertising Conference.  Cheryl gave a case study on online auctions, and was encouraged by comments –“it’s great to see that we can bring print and online together and make some money” – Mort Goldstrom, VP Advertising, Newspaper Association of America.

The conference proved to all that attended that print is not dead yet.     There was a clear emphasis on what Newspapers need to be doing to keep up with new revenue strategies to grow clients advertising results.

Particular note was taken, on information supplied that print is still providing great revenue streams and that advertising spend is actually growing on a global basis.

Whilst digital is where the growth is, it is still some years away from taking over from print.   Peter Zollman, Founding Principal of, said, “print is here to stay,  however you just need to move with and beyond the new technologies.  It’s all about participation, engagement and distribution through all channels available.”

The big news from the US is mobile and video integration and ensuring social media is embedded in your strategies.