Media Release – 3rd February, 2011

Inxcess Media Consultancy drives sales for the Geelong Advertiser to raise funds for the QLD Flood Victims.

InXcess Media Consultancy uses their innovative community driven e-platform auctions to assist The Geelong Advertiser to build funds to donate to the Queensland flood victims. InXcess were delighted to donate their technology and their services at no charge and The Geelong Advertiser was then, at the completion of the auction, able to make a generous donation to the Premier’s Flood Appeal.  Cheryl Newsom, Managing Director of InXcess commented that she was more than happy to assist with the initiative, which has affected so many people in Queensland.

The Geelong Advertisers’ Sales Manager, Shane McCartney, got the ball rolling when he approached InXcess and encouraged all of the Advertisers’ clients to put their product or service up for auction.  The funds that The Advertiser received as a result of the auction were put towards the Queensland Premiers Flood Appeal.

The program was a win win situation for everyone. The clients who put their product up for Auction receive fantastic advertising space, the Geelong Advertiser gains more clients and the Queensland flood victims receive further donations to rebuild their lives.

InXcess media programs are becoming more popular within the market place as businesses are looking for more innovative ways to gain more clients and build more sales. With companies such as Fairfax using these products, it is proving to be a very successful program to be a part of.

With InXcess being founded in Queensland, Cheryl Newsom stated it was very appropriate for them to get in and assist in any way possible.

Download this media release as a Word doc: inxcess_geelong advertiser_03_02_2011