Guest Speaking and Conferences


Guest Speaking and Conference Planning

inXcess provides full service event organising, from conception to implementation as well guest speaking. Our professional conference speakers will ignite your presenting platform with such titles as:

  • ‘The influence of Social Media on businesses’
  • ‘Keys to Success’
  • ‘Focus on your Future – preparing and planning for business growth’

Each event is tailored to your specific business and conference needs. Click here to receive further information from an inXcess team member.


A true Client Relationship Management investment!

By hosting a business conference, media organisations demonstrate their ability and willingness to assist businesses through the tough economic climate. With the help of your informative and educational conferences, clients develop business acumen necessary to secure a strong position within the market place. A stronger market not only benefits the greater community but also your media company as higher advertising budgets can be allocated in a strong economy. Your media company can enjoy greater client retention and loyalty as an underlying result.

Benefits of executing a conference for your clients:

  • Secure longevity with clients
  • Educate & increase performance of sales executives
  • Build a planning strategy with each client providing large incentives
  • Differentiate from competitors

Business conferences are a 3 to 4 day event at an exciting location where your clients are treated to an array of business speakers that will demonstrate the principles of being successful in today’s economic climate.

These conferences allow you to build strong relationships with your clients and in turn grow your revenue. Taking your clients away from the day to day running atmosphere of their businesses enables you to help them work on their businesses and not in their businesses.